The Curfew Effect

Now that we are sitting at home, doing almost nothing other than looking after one’s basic household needs, it’s time to ponder on how much pressure are we exerting on the Nature due to our mad rush for self gratification under the generally prevalent misconception of development and progress.

There are several messages circulating about dolphins returned to Italy’s coast thanks to missing cruise ships, Swans roaming again in Italy’s canals in the absence of Gondolas and tourists, dolphins returned to the coast of Mumbai and so much so more.

We should remember that we do not own the planet and that we share it with other occupants, most of whom have roamed this planet much-much before humanity.
Can we not coexist? Are we really, really so blind not to admire the beauty of nature around us?

Are we really so selfish to ravage that beauty by the very means we employ to enjoy it?
I have met many people who complain about squirrels entering their homes from branches close to their window. They even go to the extent of getting the trees trimmed to just one or two branches. We can’t even suffer the open dirt around or homes and we arrest it with concrete blocks. The list is inexhaustible. But we forget that these are the very necessities of our neighbors.

We should all take this opportunity to think about what will our neighborhood look like without our neighbors. When we are at it, we should also give some time to think about the true meaning of development and progress. Are they not synonymous to co-existence?

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